The Ministry Apprenticeship Program is built on ten foundational elements. These elements are integral to the formation, equipping, and empowering, of next-level leaders. They are designed to expand and enrich your knowledge of God, the Gospel, the Church, and the world around you.

Kings Academy of Ministry has partnered with Kingswood University to provide in-depth theological training for our MAP students. The theological training you receive will provide a strong foundation as you serve and lead in a local church context. It will also be an invaluable building block should you desire to pursue ordination.

Foundational Elements

Know God

Our idea of God is the most important thing about us. Increase your vision of God through systematic theology, biblical orthodoxy and apologetics.

Know the Gospel

The Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that reaches the heart, renews the mind, and transforms a life. Build up a Gospel framework that shapes, informs and transforms the whole of life.

Know Life with the Spirit

We are designed to know Him intellectually and experientially. Discover the Holy Spirit who moves, speaks, fills, and reveals though intimacy and encounter.

Know the Bible

Biblical literacy is one of the most critical tasks of the church in our day. Gain understanding on how to read the Bible, how to interpret Scripture, how to know the Grand Story, and how to help others navigate the Holy Scriptures.

Know The Church

God has designed the Church to be His agent of reconciliation in this world, establishing the Kingdom in hearts, homes and communities all over the world, until the whole world looks like Heaven. Discover the miracle that is the Church of Jesus Christ.

Know Yourself

Jesus said that you judge a tree by its fruit, and that His followers will be evidential, bearing the obvious fruit of character and lifestyle that comes from knowing Him. Cultivate a flourishing Christian life in your own unique design as we follow Jesus.

Know Kings Church

Kings Church is called to see our region transformed for the Glory of God. Learn all about Kings Church and the history, culture, values and visions that make it what it is today, where we’re heading in the future, and what it means to be part of it.

Know Leadership

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Be equipped to be effective influencers, communicators, team members and managers with the right tools and concepts to lead teams of people for years to come in any context.

Know the Times

To be effective ministers and leaders, we must understand the world to which we are called. Interpret mainstream, global and popular culture; meet it head-on with the hope and truth of the Gospel of Jesus.

Know Pastoral Ministry

The church needs leaders who are trained and equipped for pastoral ministry. Learn how to conduct all of the ceremonies, sacraments, rites and rituals of a pastoral minister.

Know How To Share Your Fatih

Every Christian needs to be able to clearly understand and articulate the heart of the gospel to non-Christians in a Biblical and winsome way.